Vitality Health & Wellness Chiropractic

Personal Philosophy:

Head Chiropractor Mark takes an extremely holistic approach to his patient care. As a result they have adopted the 'Life by design' method which has 4 main components:

POWER BY DESIGN is the strategy to restore optimal brain–body communication. This is accomplished by analysing for interference in nerve system function and making specific adjustments to the spine when needed to remove this interference. This is our approach to Chiropractic.

EAT BY DESIGN is not a diet but instead is a strategy to ensure you get the essential building blocks – fat, protein and micronutrients – that your body needs to create outrageous health.

MOVE BY DESIGN is built on 4 vital requirements – mobility, strength, conditioning and general movement. There are a number of strategies that can be implemented in order to meet the requirements. These may include Pilates, Crossfit, Yoga, tailored Personal Training or specialised movement programs. In some cases it is a combination of activities that will best meet the movement requirements necessary for health.

THINK BY DESIGN optimises the mind to help you clarify beliefs, improve self-esteem, and realize your soul purpose.

20 +
Age group worked with:
Young Adult
River Street 42-44
South Yarra 3141 VIC AU
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Get to know you

Mark is a family man who has a broad range of interests outside of his craft. ‘My wife and I spend most weekends nurturing our organic olive grove, and producing our exclusive brand of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and enjoy playing with our son, Archer, and our dog, Atlas. In the evenings you’ll find us relaxing with family and friends, and cooking nutritiously delicious organic food that looks fantastic and tastes even better’.


Having practiced for more than 17 years, Mark has always cared for individuals and families with a passion. With an approach focused on vitalism and wellness care, Marks purpose is to help people live the life they deserve – a life filled with health, vitality and unlimited potential.

After building and operating a successful family-based wellness practice in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs for over 9 years, Mark sold the practice to pursue work opportunities in Europe and the United Kingdom. Following a busy 2 years abroad, a strong family connection brought Mark back to Australia to re-establish his life in Melbourne.

Together with his wife Elise, Mark is excited to open their new office in River Street South Yarra and looks forward to creating a positive impact on the health of the community and beyond.


  • Initial consultation $170.00 (INTRO OFFER of $70.00)
  • Report of findings $70.00
  • Regular visit $55.00

Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic)

Area of Specialization:
Lower back pain
Neck Pain
Repetitive Strains
Sport Injury
Car accident Injury