Sveti Williams

Personal Philosophy:

To achieve great health i recommend to begin with sleep. Sleep is one of the triads in the triangle of health along with nutrition and exercise. Research has shown that people can survive without food longer than with no sleep. Studies also demonstrate that mice deprived of all stages of sleep could only survive for about 3 weeks, where their typical life expectancy is 2 years.
Before i advise anyone on anything about health i work on their sleep. Sleep is of paramount importance and is believe it to be the best medicine for the body and the soul.

1-5 Years
Age group worked with:
Young Adult

My Journey

As a child I was growing up in a healthy environment filled with love, not knowing stress and worries, having a clean healthy diet filled with only organic produce that we used to grow and harvest. Which kept me healthy physically and emotionally. However, during my late teenage years my family and I moved away to another country and that changed my life completely. I moved country 3 more times and that changed me even more. Years of stress and bad diet played a toll on my health physically and emotionally. Furthermore, I became very ill both physically and emotionally, as a result I was suffering a lot in every aspect of my life being in constant pain, seeing multiple specialists and taking medication. I felt so far away from who I was growing up and totally disconnected from nature.

A few years ago a friend of mine introduced, or reintroduced me to the organic foods and clean eating. I could not believe how amazing it felt to change my diet so I became passionate about changing everything in my life. I threw away all the foods I used to eat, all my medication, all my personal care products and started over again. That was only the begging of my new journey.

Since then I went to university and got a bachelors degree in Complimentary Medicine, a Diploma in Counselling, a Diploma in Kinesiology, master hypnotist certification and numerous other qualifications and a lot of years of medical and health research. I changed not only my diet but my whole family’s. Not only did my pantry and medicine cabinet change but my entire world. I became very busy which unfortunately made me lose my sleep and I began to see how my health started to struggle again, my emotional and physical wellbeing was compromised again.

Soon after, I realised that sleep is one of the most crucial pillars of health and wellbeing along with nutrition and exercise. I began to research sleep and apply those complimentary medicine methods that I have learned over the years of education and research. Shortly after my sleep was “fixed” and it became the central focus of my career. I became a sleep coach, educator and an author. I reconnected with nature and embraced natural therapies and complimentary medicines to improve every single part of human life. Nutrition or exercise alone is not enough to be ultimately healthy on all levels of our being as it only covers our conscious being, whilst sleep covers all the unconscious bodily processes that need to be addressed to live life healthily, happily with years of longevity.


Bachelor Degree in Complimentary Medicine
Diploma of Kinesiology
Diploma of Counselling
Master Hypnotist Certification

Area of Specialization: