Liora Levin

Personal Philosophy:

My philosophy for health and life is that anything is possible. ANYTHING we can dream up for ourselves is possible, and the way to get there is by surrounding yourself with the people who build you up, support you, and share your vision. With a gentleness for ourselves and a whole lot of patience, everything will come into balance.

1-5 Years
Age group worked with:
Young Adult

As a personal trainer, qualified nutritionist and yoga instructor, a love for health and fitness has run in my veins since an early age. I grew up as a ballet dancer and through illness and injury, found my way to running. My love for running has seen me through 9 half marathons, including trails in Lisbon and Berlin, and one of my favourites, the Great Ocean Road.

In my past life, I worked in corporate health, developing seminars on healthy eating and recovery, and facilitating health events. I've also dabbled in product buying and development for sports, weight management and nutritional supplements.
More recently, I've been working across Europe, Central America and Queensland in health retreats, designing menus, teaching yoga and coordinating running groups.

I discovered weight training when reluctantly joining a gym a few years ago, and haven’t looked back since. The balance between nurturing and growth, tied in with pushing my comfort zones, has opened my eyes and changed my whole approach to fitness. Through my personal journey with health, I’ve grown to discover the importance of taking an holistic approach to wellbeing and the integral role played by exercise, nutrition and mindset.

Brighton East 3187 VIC AU
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Born and bred on the beaches of Bayside in Melbourne, I’ve always loved being outdoors by the beach and in nature.
It took me a while to crack out of the corporate bubble but I’m incredibly grateful and fortunate to now be running my own business in the health industry, that hardly feels like work!
I spend a lot of time with friends and family and really feel that this is the gold of life.
I love to read, listen to podcasts and play music too loudly in my car. I’m also a fan of home-made smoothie bowls, I’m getting pretty good at decorating with coconut and kiwis!


Bachelor of Health Sciences – Nutritional Medicine
Cert III & IV – Fitness


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