Anita Stewart-Toi

Personal Philosophy:

Everything in my life has led me to the here and now, to create this opportunity to help others grow and heal and be able to experience what it means to be human in a way that inspires more love than fear. I don’t claim to fix, cure or get rid of any of the painful bits. My calling is to help people integrate all of it, to bring all the parts of ourselves back home into one beautifully imperfect tangle. From this place of wholeness, we love ourselves unconditionally and things begin to shift and change; old aches and pains diminish, the breath deepens, dark clouds lift, courage grows, joy expands, and hope rises.

3 main philosophies underpin my work;

A belief that health should be simple. The questions we need to ask as consumers are; Is this simple for me to implement into my lifestyle in a sustainable long term kind of fashion? AND Is the person I’m working with connected to me as a whole person and empowering me to take responsibility for my health and life OR are they handing me some protocol developed by a company for the masses written or explained in SCI FI gibberish.

I believe that healing needs to be approached from a holistic, multi-level perspective addressing the physical body, mental and emotional wellbeing and energetic/ spiritual components of ourselves. It’s absolutely fine to focus on one of these areas exclusively for a while but if the healing has stalled it may be that another piece of our human puzzle is being neglected. I aim to keep all of these aspects of my client’s lives in the mix when we work together but if I feel something needs a level of attention that I can’t offer then I refer to a trusted colleague to help with my gaps in knowledge and scope of practice.

I believe we desperately need to reconnect with nature, natural cycles and ways of living. She holds the key to our health and wellbeing and the further we stray the sicker we are becoming as a species. Always, without a doubt my first and most trusted remedies are her sunlight, water, trees, earth and oceans.

If I can empower this in one individual at a time with the knowledge that their ripples will touch others then my contribution bucket is full and I can go surfing with a huge smile on my face.

5-10 Years
Age group worked with:
Young Adult

As a second generation naturopath I was raised in a household of weird herbal concoctions, sprouting jars and raw goats milk on my oats. I remember helping Mum get the crystals and cushions ready for her weekly meditation class and because I loved writing from a young age I was chief editor of her naturopathy assignments. I've been involved in the natural health industry most of my life although I did venture off in another direction during my mid twenties and studied extensively and worked in the Fine Arts commercial gallery scene.

Eventually I completed my formal studies as a Naturopath, Nutritionist and practitioner of Western Herbal Medicine. Along the side lines I have studied a variety of shorter courses and trained with experts in energy medicine, biodynamic cranio sacral therapy, body centred pyschotherapy, health coaching and life coaching. All of this has informed the way that I work now. After several years in clinical practice I have decided to create a coaching based practice for health and life helping people to optimise their quality of life and mindset as this is the part of health care that really lights my passion.

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After spending several years in New Zealand I am now settled into a lovely little community on Victoria’s Surfcoast. I’ve intentionally created a pretty simple life, when I am not immersed in work I am literally immersed in nature either in the water or walking in the bush with my rescued dog Harry. Spending quality time with family and close friends is also top of my priorities list. My husband and I have 4 amazing kids in our life and have been lucky but also worked hard to create a harmonious co-parenting situation with our former spouses that keeps everyone happy and healthy.

I love music, books and art and I love to write. I often write my close friends long letters in an effort to keep the art alive. I write two blogs one for my business Koru Wellbeing and the other called ‘Groundswellblog’ a community I created to inspire and share the personal stories of people who surf . I have only taken up surfing later in life but I couldn’t live without it. The ocean has been such an important teacher and healer for me over the past few years.

I love supporting local organic farmers and enjoy eating simple wholesome foods but I am a coffee snob, my new favourite is to add grass fed butter to a rich smooth brew, Hmm.


Bachelor of Health Science/ Naturopathy (Wellpark College, NZ)

Diploma of Herbal Medicine (Wellpark College, NZ)

Area of Specialization:
Emotional Disturbance

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